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Remembrance Day: Message of Unity

by Aude Boubaker-Calder on 11 November, 2020

Today, I am proudly wearing – like the past few weeks – a poppy on my heart. This is the national flower of my country, Belgium.

Like every year, I am remembering the people, men, sons, husbands, brothers but also women, daughters, wifes, sisters who fought against nationalism, populism and extremism. They fought so we could have a better life, so we could life freely. They showed us that united, we are stronger in difficult times.

Unfortunately, the rise of nationalism and populism have been on the rise the last decade in the world. People wanting to build barriers instead of working together; people trying to intimidate when others disagree with them; people who endanger the heart of our democracy by their will of division

Today and the next few years, we can show them that being TOGETHER we are a block against nationalism and populism, TOGETHER we can show them that we can overcome the crisis we are currently are, TOGETHER make us stronger.

We can prove to the people who fought for us in WW1, WW2 but also all the other wars that we are remembering their fight by continuing, in our way, their legacy.

We will remember

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