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Crossford residents left in the dark

by Aude Boubaker-Calder on 14 December, 2020

Since Saturday the 5th December, a few streets of Crossford have been without street lights and it has been upsetting a lot of the residents. Liberal Democrat Scottish Parliament Candidate for Dunfermline, Aude Boubaker-Calder, has been in touch with Fife Council and Scottish Power Energy Networks but nothing has been done so far, leaving residents in the dark.

The cluster of lights going from Lundin Road, Anderson Avenue to Dean Drive and Grove have been out since Saturday the 5th. Residents have been calling the Council to report the faulty lights but have been told that was a Scottish Power Energy Networks issue and have seen near to nobody coming to fix this issue.

She said:

People on Lundin Road have reported to me that the road is less safe and the deliveries from supermarkets or other delivery services have been mixed up because those lights are not on. These streets are populated by a certain amount of elderly residents and they do not feel safe after the sun is going down after 3 pm.

She added

I have been calling several times this week both Fife Council Transportation Department and Scottish Power Energy Networks and have the feeling that they are throwing the ball of responsibility at each other without any promise of resolving this situation. These lights have to be fixed right now if we want to avoid any incidents in this cluster of streets

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