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Concerns Over School Funding

by Aude Boubaker-Calder on 1 October, 2021

Aude Boubaker-Calder feels education funding from the controversial Crossford development should be spent in the village

As the controversial Pitconnochie development in Crossford is moving ahead, local Liberal Democrat candidate Aude Boubaker-Calder is concerned that Fife Council has decided that funding from the development, designed to pay for extra school capacity, will not be invested in Crossford Primary.

Aude has said,

“It is bad enough that a Scottish Government reporter, with no local connections, has trampled over the opinions of local residents by forcing through this development. Now it appears Fife Council are not using the funding designed to help with the increase in school pupils in our school locally

“Parents in Crossford, including myself, would expect Crossford Primary to be supported. We have seen Fife Council consistently underestimate the numbers of pupils from new developments before. I am calling for Fife Council to find funding to ensure that Crossford Primary receives some funding from this development in the village.”

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